As the largest production base of Aluminum casting, national leading export enterprise, the annual output of Wanfeng reaches 20 million castings, which leads to rich casting experiences, mature casting technology and process in non-ferrous alloy casting.
Wanfeng Technology provides equipments, also provides casting production, quality control, process management, one-stop service, providing customers with mass production and delivery services. Up to now, Wanfeng Technology has supplied castings or pre-casting processing to more than 10 customers, including wheels of cars and motorcycles, cylinder head, power equipments, engine inlet manifolds, motor housings, compressor housings, gearbox case, diesel engine castings and dozens of related kinds of castings, not only solve the urgent needs of our customers, but also provide the first-hand on-site information on quality control, products qualified rate, process improvement, lead time etc. to customers in advance.
Diesel Gear Chamber
Electrical Metal Cleat Fitting
Flywheel Shell
Sinotruk Turbo
Fan Impeller Wheel Hub
High-voltage Apparatus Cover
Mower Cylinder
Construction machinery loader hydraulic torque converter
Mechanical hydraulic torque converter guide wheel
Oil Pump Housing
Ratchet Wheel
Air Compressor Housing
Flange Cover
Motorcycle cylinder head
Motorcycle wheels
Motorcycle Bracket
Motorcycle Bracket
Aubomobile cylinder
Automobile Air-conditioning Compressor Shell
Auto Alloy Wheel
Brake Caliper
Brake Clamp
Communications Equipment structural parts
Bed Plate
Cable Cleat
Oil Pump Cover
Oil Pump
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